Kanga Inflatables

Let us get your party HOPPIN'




Who doesn't love a surprise? Lawn Card Greetings are the latest craze and we have a tonne of themes to choose from. 


Add a greeting, name and age (no extra charge)

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

Add a Skydancer or Airdancer to the package for an extra $50.00

INFLATABLE HOOPS GAME $200 4 hour rental 

Shoot hoops against your friends for hours with this fun interactive game for all ages.

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

Bouncing Barnyard Combo $250 for a 4 hour Rental

Kids can bounce, jump and slide in this barn shaped Bouncer/Slide Combo.

2o feet x 25 feet of space is needed.

8-10 children recommended.

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

BUBBLE MAKERS  $75 each per day

Our Bubble Maker feature a built-in fan which blows the bubbles up & away. Also includes the bubbles to make it blow.

*can make floors slippery, use at your own risk

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 


Sky Dancers / Air Dancers / Wacky Dancer $100 each per day
Contact us for weekly rates
We rent our sky dancers for promotional purposes.  Draws attention to help you out with all sorts of things.
Available in pink, red, blue, green , orange, pink
INCLUDES: Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 
TODDLER BOUNCY CASTLE $175 for 4 hours 
This toddler bouncy castle is an indoor/outdoor unit only 7 feet high and open so you can watch your little ones bounce  
8ft x12ft space needed.
Approximately 5 children at a time in the bounce house and under the age of 4.
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 


Dimension: Approx 17L x 16W x 9H    

Bounce Floor Inside: Approx 7 x 6                  

Max Total Weight: 440 lbs                            

Max Weight/User: 200 lbs                                        

Recommended Age: up to 5   

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning


This 14x14 princess bouncy castle will make
any little girl scream with excitement.
6-8 children of similar size recommended use
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

Party Packages Available upon request.

RAINBOW BOUNCY CASTLE $225 for 4 hours

This 14x14 bouncy castle will be a hit
with the kids and will have them jump for joy!
6-8 children of similar size recommended use
The "Happy Birthday" banner is included.  
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 


This is our newest bounce house and is sure to get your spidy senses tingling with excitement. Had a basketball net inside for even more fun.

16ft x 16ft of space is needed.

5-7 children recommended.

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning  
RAINBOW COMBO UNIT $275 for 4 hours
This combination bouncer/slide castle creates hours of fun for any event. This unit is great if you want something just a little bit different. (DRY ONLY)
4-6 children at a time

20ft x15ft space needed.

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

TROPICAL COMBO DRY $350 for 4 hours 

                     WET $400 for 4 hours 

Can be used wet or dry.  This combo equals hours of fun for any occasion.

6-8 children at a time of similar age and size.

Length 28ft

Width 13ft

Height 14ft

                                                INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

INFLATABLE SLIDE $700 for 4 hours 

Wanna be the center of attention? Then this giant inflatable slide is definitely for you. Sitting at 22 feet high it can be seen for miles once inflated. This giant slide is great for corporate events, street fairs and carnivals.
Recommend children go up and down the slide one at a time.
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

 Jacob's Ladder $225 for 4 hours

Jacobs Ladder rental for Carnivals, Festivals, Church Events, Backyard Parties, and more. A challenging interactive game where children try to climb to the top of the ladder without being flipped off. The inflatable surface provides a safe base for riders to fall into.  Crawl or walk to the top. The top and bottom of the ladder is on swivels. It is more challenging than it looks!

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

$250 for Daily Rental
$500 for Weekend Rental (pickup Friday after 5:30pm, drop off Sunday at 1:00pm)
$1000 Weekly Rental Rate
Have a tonne of fun in our sumo suits.  A great addition to any occasion when and where fun is required. Provide a fun sumo experience for your next event or party. Suitable for teens and adults
Rental includes: Mats, Two Foam Helmets, Two Sumo Suits, Two Sets of Mitts
                                                                Can be used indoor/outdoor providing enough floor space.
                                                                      Mat Size 15' x 15'
                                                                      PLAYER REQUIREMENTS
                                                                      Max. Players  2
                                                                      Min. Player Height 5' 
                                                                      Max. Player Height  6' 2" 
                                                                      Max. Player Weight 250Lbs    
                                                                    INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup
                                                                   Refundable Deposit of $500 due at time of BOOKING

8oz POPCORN MACHINE $150 with 25 servings per Day

Popcorn made easy! Get fresh popcorn every time with our 8 oz commercial grade popcorn machine with a touch of 2 button and will produce theatre style popcorn that will keep your guests asking for more.Comes complete with scooper, pre-packaged popcorn with enough for 25 servings and 25 popcorn bags. Extra servings available for a fee.
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning

16oz POPCORN MACHINE $200 with 50 servings per Day

The 16oz Grand Popper can be used on or off the cart and comes with 50 servings of popcorn and includes the little bags to serve it in. This is a great addition to a movie night, birthday, wedding or party.  Extra servings available for an additional fee. Also comes with the pre-packaged popcorn and scooper.

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

Carnival Sized Popcorn Machine with Cart $350 with 200 Servings per Day

The Carnival sized Popper with cart comes with 200 servings of popcorn and includes the little bags to serve it in. This is a great addition to a fundraiser or any large event.  Extra servings available for an additional fee. Also comes with the pre-packaged popcorn and scooper.

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 

COTTON CANDY MACHINE $150 per Day with 25 servings

Your children will gobble up this fluffy goodness.  Includes cones, bags and 25 servings of flavoured sugar

Available flavours:
* Vanilla Pink          *Cherry Red
* Blue Raspberry    *Grape Purple       
*Lime Green            *Bubble Gum 
*Watermelon          *Apple

Extra servings available for an additional fee.
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 
Fresh & Delivered Pre-Made Cotton Candy PRICE when booked with an Inflatable Rental
20 bags (one Flavour) $50
$4.00/bag (2 flavours) minimum order of 20

PRICE for JUST the Cotton Candy without a Rental
$3.00/bag (1 flavour) minimum order of 20
$5.00/bag (2 flavours) minimum order of 20
*$20.00 for delivery within Edmonton


Includes 50 servings of chips, cheese & trays.  
INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning 


Double Barrel $200.00 with 50 servings

A great way to get your party hoppin'....our double barrel slush machine makes slush in just under 2 hours. The machine rental includes 2 types of slush, 50 cups and straws.  Additional slush mix, cups & straws is available for an additional fee.

 *You can add up to 52oz of alcohol as well.

 Single Barrel $150.00 comes with 20 cups, straws and one flavour of slush

 INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning                      

HOT DOG GRILL $150.00 per Day

Grills 24 hot dogs at a time and up to 144 per hour.

This machine works great and includes a sneeze-guard as well as a bun warmer.

(does not include the dogs or buns)

Can be used for Tacquitos as well!

INCLUDES Setup/Delivery/Tear-Down/Pickup/Cleaning